Share to Speech

Share to Speech Release 71

Voice & MP3 a just click away

Voice & MP3 are just a click away

Part of the official Best of 2014 collection in the Windows Store.

Don't spend your time in front of the screen reading e-books, documents and articles when you can listen to them. Pack them as MP3s on the cloud, USB drive or any folder and then access them in your car or on your mobile device. Create a list of articles and listen to them from your computer while you are doing something else. Manage articles in a simple and beautiful interface.

All of that is just a click away using the Windows share charm. Finally an app that brings text to speech technology in a user friendly way that will quickly become a part of your life!

The only app that offers this level of convenience making you really want to use it. It detects the language from web page and finds useful text in it. It is easy to upload MP3 to any folder, and you can even automate this process. If you want to listen articles on the same device, there is a great Now speaking function. Library stores old articles.

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Share to Speech


Share to Speech Release 71

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